About TechneekTV

What is TechneekTV?

TechneekTV is a group of four guys who have a desire to fill in the missing pages in the instruction manual for technology, as well as bring you news articles and reviews. We strive to bring you the highest quality content we can, at the same time making it easy to understand even for the “unsavviest” of tech users.

How did TechneekTV come about?

TechneekTV came into existence after providing many hours of tech support and recommendations to friends and family. We decided to come together and form TechneekTV for the sole purpose of helping those people out.

Who makes up TechneekTV?

    Adam – adam@techneektv.com
    Alex – alex@techneektv.com
    Eric – eric@techneektv.com
    Mike – michael@techneektv.com

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