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Google CR-48 ChromeOS Blue Screen of Death Easter Egg

In this video, Mike from shows you a hidden easter egg in the Google CR-48 ChromeBook running ChromeOS. The easter egg is an attempt to bash the Microsoft Windows operating system by portraying a “Blue Screen of Death”, which occurs whenever a fatal system error has occured and the system crashes.

To get the easter egg: Put the CR-48 in “Developer Mode” by flipping the switch from the right to the left. When the CR-48 boots and is at the frowny face, type in “xyzzy”, and the easter egg will appear.


Techneek TV Wallpapers!

The teal version of the Wallpaper 2.0 seriesHey everyone! This is Mike, btw. I just finished making some basic wallpapers for Techneek TV, and I feel like sharing them with you guys (sharing is caring, right?)! You can grab them at the following link: All of the wallpapers are 1680×1050 in resolution, with the exception of Punch Out, which is 2560×1600. Enjoy!

Tip: For a neat effect, add the wallpapers as a “slideshow” in the Personalize menu in Windows 7!

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

In this video, Mike from gives you the scoop on the newest update for Windows 7, Service Pack 1.

Since I am getting so many questions on how I got my Windows GUI to look the way it is, I am using a patched UXTheme.dll file as well as the Visual Style “Placebo”.

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