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Google CR-48 ChromeOS Blue Screen of Death Easter Egg

In this video, Mike from shows you a hidden easter egg in the Google CR-48 ChromeBook running ChromeOS. The easter egg is an attempt to bash the Microsoft Windows operating system by portraying a “Blue Screen of Death”, which occurs whenever a fatal system error has occured and the system crashes.

To get the easter egg: Put the CR-48 in “Developer Mode” by flipping the switch from the right to the left. When the CR-48 boots and is at the frowny face, type in “xyzzy”, and the easter egg will appear.


How to Install Windows 7 from a USB Flash Drive

In this video tutorial, Mike from shows you how to setup a USB flash drive for installing Windows 7. Installing from a USB flash drive will yield greater speeds so the install finishes faster.

How to Easily Transfer Your Cameras Pictures to a Computer

How to Block Ads and Speed Up Web Browsing via Hosts File

In this video tutorial, Mike from shows you how to block advertisements on the internet, speed up web browsing, and block spyware with a modified Hosts file! The best part is that the Hosts file will block ads in not just your internet browser, but on any program that uses the internet!

How to Install Custom Windows 7 Visual Styles

In this video tutorial, Mike from shows you how to install a custom, third-party Windows 7 visual style/theme by using a program called UX Style Core. Enjoy!

Thank you to “MrQarsim” for the video request – it is much appreciated!

Links mentioned in this video: – Download UX Style Core there. – Download Windows 7 Visual Styles there.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

In this video tutorial, Mike from will show you how to recover files that you may have accidentally deleted.

How to setup Spaces

How to Hide Text in a Picture File

In this video tutorial, Mike from shows you how to hide a file inside of another file. This can be useful if you want to transfer a secret message without anyone knowing! The practice of this is also referred to as “Steganography”.

How to Setup Exposé

How to Download Free Music Online with Google

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